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Companies like FamilyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA and 23andMe analyze your autosomal DNA, Stieglitz explained, but it can confirm relationships going back only seven generations. This is because the average amount of autosomal DNA shared with a relative decreases with each successive generation — like a 23-card deck that gets reshuffled each time someone is born. Y-DNA, on the other hand, is passed down only from a father to all his male descendents. Using this DNA, a direct male line can be accurately traced back 338,000 years. "If I went back and found a Stieglitz that died in 1300, his Y-DNA would be identical to mine," he explains. Mitochondria are within every human cell, but are not part of the nucleus. Considered the power generators of the cell, mitochondria have their own circular piece of DNA. "Mitochondrial DNA is very, very unique," said Stieglitz, adding it has nothing to do with mixture of a father's and mother's genes inside the cell's nucleus. Mitchondrial DNA is passed only by the mother to all of her biological descendants. Using this DNA, a direct female line can be precisely traced back 200,000 years.

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