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Chan released more than 20 albums in various languages, mostly in Cantonese. He sang "Endless Love" with South Korean actress Kim Hee Sun for the film "The Myth" in 2005. In the 2016 Renny Harlin's film "Skiptrace," How to find an individual? Chan was at the helm of a Mongolian village people in rendering Adele's 2010 hit "Rolling in the Deep" with traditional instruments. That scene, however, was nearly cut because Adele initially did not approve it. Chan was instrumental in making the British singer give How to find personal information? her nod. Though the music scene was not in the script, Harlin, a Finnish director who made a name in Hollywood through "A Nightmare in Elm Street 4" and "Die Hard 2," wanted "Skiptrace" to demonstrate cultural mix, and the best way to do that was Adele's music which Chinese people confessed to love. "I was getting to know people there..... it was a crazy cultural mix," Harlin told Inverse . "I started thinking, 'How do we demonstrate this in the best way?'" The director then planned to have the east meets west with a musical number in the action-comedy film. They shot the scene but needed permission to have it shown. When they initially met obstacles to get approval, Harlin refused to give up on showing how music and art can bring countries together.

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