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Some of that is converted by bacteria into acetic acid, but the process isn’t perfectly predictable, so alcohol remains in various amounts. I became acutely aware of that when I got carded for buying a bottle. The first time it happened, I laughed. But the young man behind the counter Skip Tracing Tool looked back at me dead seriously and pulled the bottle back toward his green smock. Skiptracing This was at a Whole Foods in Brooklyn. (I know, I know—an alternate headline here: “I Got Carded Buying Kombucha at the Whole Foods in Williamsburg And I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore.”) But it made me curious. I thought there was only, as GT’s label says, “a trace amount” of alcohol? What am I actually drinking? Asking that question lead me into the world of kombucha production that took me all the way to Washington, sharing a bottle on the steps of Congress with a U.S. representative, hoping we didn’t get nailed for an open container.

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