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Facebook released a Skiptrace Pro new tool that maps out recommendations provided by your friends. Photo provided by Facebook. Moving beyond a social network where people keep in touch with their friends or consume news, Facebook says it’s trying to make it easier for its 1.7 billion users to get things done, all with the help of their friends. Instead of switching back and forth from multiple apps, users can complete these tasks directly on the social media site. Facebook has been partnering with multiple businesses to make this possible. “We still find ourselves with this very time-consuming process of … navigating what and how to connect with our friends in the real world,” Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s vice president of ads and business platform, said at a media event in San Francisco last week. Releasing new features and expanding the availability of others, the company has been making a stronger push into e-commerce. Facebook released a new tool that maps out recommendations provided by your friends. Photo provided by Facebook.  On Wednesday, Facebook released a new tool in the United States that allows users to ask their friends for recommendations. When friends suggest a restaurant or other business, the location of that place pops up on a map along with a link to the company’s Facebook page. Partnering with and pizza delivery startup Slice, Facebook users can get food delivered by clicking on a “Start Order” button on a restaurant’s Facebook page. They can also request an appointment with the help of MyTime, HomeAdvisor and other services or get a quote from a business. Working with Fandango, Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, Facebook users also can book movie or event tickets.

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